Saugerties Woodstock JourneyKOA : Campground Rules

1. All visitors are required to register at the office upon arrival to campground. Must leave the park by 10PM.
2. Registered campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors.
1. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children.
2. No children should be left unattended anywhere in the campground.
3. All children's activities must be supervised by an adult.
1. No aggressive pets. If a pet exhibits aggressive behavior to people or other animals- You will be asked to leave.
2. Saugerties / Woodstock KOA adheres to the KOA pet policy. (a copy will be furnished by request)
3. Owners are responsible and must "Clean Up" after their pets. (clean up supplies are available).
4. No pets should be left unattended in the campground, cabins, buildings, or sites.
5. Pets are not permitted in the pool, pool area, playground or campground buildings.
6. Excessive barking will not be tolerated.
1. There is no lifeguard on duty.
2. Never swim alone. Two adults must accompany all children under the age of 18. One adult must remain on deck at all times.
3. Parent or guardian must accompany children under 18.
4. In case of emergency please call 911 and the facility operator. (Phone located at north end of main building).
5. Please follow all posted rules and hours. Swimming not permitted in the pond.
1. Please put all trash in bags and place in the dumpsters or in front of your site for collection at 9AM.
2. No garbage of any kind permitted in the fire pits (clean up fees may be assessed).
1. Please wear a helmet and stay on the roads. No riding on the grass, sidewalks or campsites.
2. Do not ride after dark.
3. No mini bikes, motorbikes, atv's, in the campground or on the hiking trails.
1. Only one vehicle per campsite. No parking on roads or other campsites. Visitors park in guest areas.
2. Campground speed limit is 5 MPH.
3. No vehicle washing without permission.
1. Car alarms should be turned off.
2. No loud noise including voices. (Radio's and TV's no louder than heard on your site). Off at quiet time.
3. Groups must return to their own sites at quiet time.
Drugs & Alcohol:
1. No excessive or underage use of drugs or alcoholic beverages.
2. Playing of bar games like Beer Pong is prohibited.
Fires, Fire Pits, & Firewood:
1. Please use existing fire pits. (Do not move pits without permission of the owners).
2. Only small cooking fires are permitted.
3. Fires must never be left unattended.
4. All fires must be extinguished by Midnight.
5. Chainsaws are prohibited on campground property.
6. Please do not deface, cut, or damage standing trees (dead or alive). Tree damage to be assessed at $10 a foot.
7. Only Certified Bug Free firewood will be allowed into the campground.
1. Only one outlet per electric post is to be used.  
1. Please do not use nails or spikes on any tree, cabin or building.
2. Clotheslines are not permitted in the campground. (Laundry is available).
3. Use of firearms including BB, pellet, paintball and bows & arrows are prohibited in the campground.
4. Smoking is not permitted in any campground building or cabin.
5. One picnic table per campsite. Please do not move tables from one site to another without permission.
6. All cabin furniture is to remain in the cabin.
7. No laundry or dish washing  in the restroom's or at water spigots. (sinks are provided).
8. Soliciting or selling on the grounds is not permitted.( Without the permission of the owners)

It is our intention to make your stay at Saugerties / Woodstock KOA an enjoyable one. Please help us by following the rules. Any camper
not following the rules will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.
Saugerties / Woodstock KOA assumes no responsibility for fire, theft, storm or tree damage to any car, RV, trailer or other personal
Campers will assume responsibility for all personal injury.
Thank you for staying with us and do come again...Soon

The Hampel's